2024 Mid-Year Showami Updates

Our team has been busy publishing updates in Showami that you may want to check out. Every update we make is geared toward creating a more transparent process, a more efficient process, and a more user-friendly process.

As we continue to grow, expect even more exciting updates in Showami.

  • New Showing Agent cancellation reasons on rental showings
  • $39 price was removed in an effort to demonstrate the value of our showing agents
  • Ability to make money on referring property managers to Showami (available on initiating agent accounts as well)
  • Feedback button added in app: Used to let our dev team know of any glitches
  • After a Platinum Referral applicant has been chosen, that agent’s contact information will be shared with the initiating party.
  • Call to schedule a showing has been released on both the web and app
  • All user types may request a rental showing on Showami (before only property managers had this capability)
  • $1 increase on all showing requests
  • Rental Open Houses – Data has been added to reports
  • Groups for property managers available on request
  • Groups feature added
  • API showing requests (Automated Showings)
  • New features included in the paid solution
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