Automated Showings

Real estate agents leveraging automation in their business, are able to outpace agents that aren’t. Because of automation, busy agents are able to handle more business more efficiently. What if you had the ability to automate the home showing process? Showami has come up with a solution that helps busy brokers and their agents automate the showing process. 

Automating the showing process frees you up from scheduling the showing and taking your time to show the home. Doing this allows you to focus more on building the relationship through better follow-up and communication. Additionally, automating the showing process allows your clients to see homes on their own time. This means they won’t need to wait for yours and their schedule to match up, but rather they can schedule a home tour based on their availability. 

The automated showing system is currently only available to paid brokerage solution clients. Our solution connects a CRM or back office system to Showami via API. This way, when your clients log in and click “Schedule a showing” the request will automatically be posted in Showami. From there you’ll receive notifications throughout the process, letting you know the status of your client’s showing and the showings agents can also contact you afterward to give you feedback on how the showing went.

Before you even allow your leads to schedule a showing, be sure to have a conversation with them. In this conversation, prep them that you are here to represent them and that you’ll need help with showings from time to time.

Next, follow-up with the client after the home tours are conducted. This will bring back the personal touch and reinforce that you act in their best interest.

Finally, set a limit to the amount of showings you’ll pay for per client. This way the client doesn’t take advantage of you by requesting a ton of Showami showings.

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