Showami’s Open House Solution For Property Managers

Showami, the leading property tour and open house platform, is proud to announce the launch of its Open House solution for property managers. This new feature allows property managers to easily schedule and manage open houses for their rental properties.

Showami first started helping out with Rental Tours earlier in 2023. Since then, they have continued to innovate on the property management side of their business. Now they allow property managers to request an open house for their rental property, and schedule a time for multiple potential tenants to walk through the property at any given time.

What is the Open House solution for Property Managers?

Showami’s open house solution for property managers allows the property manager to request a licensed showing assistant to be present at a property while potential tenants tour the property. This option allows the property manager to have multiple potential tenants walk through the property in a short window of time.

Our open house option differs from our standard rental showings, in that the rental showing request is designed to walk only a single tenant through the property.

How the Open House for Property Managers Solution works

Screenshot of Showami's New Rental Open House request screen
  1. A user must have already signed up and been approved on Showami: Property Management Sign-Up
  2. Next, you’ll navigate over to the “New Rental Open House” on the left-hand side of the screen
  3. From here you will fill out the location and time of the open house
  4. Next, you’ll need to add in the tenant information of all those walking through the rental open house
  5. After that, you’ll have the option of adding any notes for the agent conducting the open house
  6. Last, you set the price you are willing to offer for someone to hold the open house

Once you’ve gone through the steps of creating the open house, you will then be notified that your request went out. Later, you’ll also be notified when your request has been picked up and by whom. From there you will have direct access to communicate with the agent involved and notify each other of any changes.

Why would real estate agents accept these requests?

The most obvious reason is that they are being paid to do so. However, many have found that showing homes to potential tenants can also benefit them in other ways. To start, agents are able to make a connection with the potential tenants. Additionally, this is a way for them to grow their market knowledge for a particular part of town they aren’t as familiar with. An advanced agent may even use this time to gather data on “What consumers are interested in when renting” This information can later be relayed back to their potential clients looking to purchase an investment property.

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