Real Estate Showing Assistant vs. Real Estate Showing Agent

Real estate agents have to wear many hats. They are responsible for everything from marketing listings to negotiating deals. One aspect of the job that can take up a lot of time and resources is showing properties to prospective buyers. To help with this task, some agents opt to hire a showing assistant, while others choose to hire a showing agent. Let’s discuss the differences between these two roles and explain why it is better for a real estate agent to hire a showing agent.

Real Estate Showing Assistant

A real estate showing assistant is generally responsible for setting up and coordinating property showings. They take care of scheduling appointments, confirming with buyers, and ensuring that all properties are ready for viewing. Some showing assistants also attend the showings, giving buyers tours of the property and answering questions.

While a showing assistant can be a helpful resource for a real estate agent, there are some drawbacks. For instance, it’s important to know that Showing Assistants, don’t have to be licensed real estate agents. However, they must be associated with and hired by a real estate broker to conduct home showings. Lastly, you can only hire a showing assistant in certain states, so be sure to check ahead that your state is cleared to allow showing assistants.

Showing Agent

Real Estate Showing Agent

A real estate showing agent, on the other hand, is a licensed real estate agent who specializes in showing properties. They work under the umbrella of an agent and have a deep understanding of the properties they are showing. A showing agent is responsible for all of the tasks that a showing assistant handles, but they do so with a more comprehensive understanding of the properties they are showing.

Showings agents are trained to answer questions about the property, the local market, and the buying process. They can help buyers understand what they can afford, review contracts, and assist in making offers. This level of expertise and knowledge is invaluable when showing properties to potential buyers.

Why Hire A Showing Agent

There are several reasons why it is better for a real estate agent to hire a showing agent over a showing assistant. For one, showing agents can help agents close more deals. By providing expert guidance and knowledge, a showing agent can help buyers make informed decisions and facilitate offers.

Additionally, hiring a showing agent can save an agent time and money. Because showing agents are licensed professionals, they can handle more tasks than a showing assistant, such as writing offers and handling negotiations. This allows an agent to focus on other aspects of their business, like marketing and lead generation.

Finally, working with a showing agent can improve an agent’s reputation with clients. Agents who work with experienced and knowledgeable showing agents demonstrate that they are invested in their clients’ success, and they take their business seriously.

Why Use A Showing Agent Service

– Pay-per-showings Vs. Paying a salary
– Flat fee Vs. giving up some commission
Order showing through an app
– More…

In conclusion, hiring a showing agent makes more sense than hiring a showing assistant for a variety of reasons. Showing agents provide expert guidance, save agents time and money, and improve their reputation with clients. While a showing assistant can be helpful, their services are limited and may not provide the same level of value as a showing agent. Real estate agents should consider partnering with a showing agent to help them manage property showings and close more deals.

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