5 Tips For More Showing Requests

What’s the secret to getting more showings on Showami? What can agents do to increase their chances of receiving more showing requests on Showami?

On a regular basis, we are asked about what agents can do to receive more showing requests on Showami and now we’re sharing our top 5 tips with you!

1. Refer more agents to Showami

The more agents you invite to Showami in your area, the more likely you are to receive showings. This includes reaching out to your network, posting on social media and letting other agents in your office know about Showami. We’ve seen agents add up to 100 people in a single day just by posting about Showami in a niche Facebook group and sharing their referral link in the posts. Having said that, it’s important to make your post as authentic as possible. This usually includes telling a story about how Showami has helped you or a fellow agent, or being upfront and asking for agents in your area to book you as their showing agent on Showami. Keep in mind, the more people that use Showami in your area, the more showing requests will come through and you’ll have a chance of picking them up.

As an added bonus, when you refer an agent. The agent you refer will receive $10 off their first completed showing and you’ll receive $10 after their first completed showing. This is just a little incentive we have for agents that share our

2. Adapt your showing agent coverage map

Double-check your map (find in your Showami profile) to ensure you have the correct location set. Now that you’ve checked you have the correct location, we suggest adding an extra 5% to that area. Although you may not want to show as much in that area, it is possible that requests may have a higher value in that external region of your map.

Map Checklist:

  • Am I willing to show homes in this area
  • Do I have MLS access to homes in this area
  • Could I see myself driving to certain areas, for more compensation
  • Is there a demand for showings in this area
  • Is this area near my home or office

3. Counter propose showing requests

Don’t simply ignore a showing request just because you don’t like the time or money being presented. It benefits you more to counter the proposal in Showami, with credentials that fit your accessibility and going rate. This does 2 things for you as a Showami Showing Agent, this will show you are an active agent in our system and it’s a chance at picking up a showing that you may not have simply because it didn’t fit your situation.

Our counter proposal system is likely the most underutilized tool in Showami. However, it is the most powerful tool Showami has. Why? Well for starters, the requester has no idea if the cost of their showing is too low, without feedback. They simply assume there aren’t agents in the area willing to pick up the showing. Sadly this leads to many missed opportunities by showing assistants in Showami. As a Showami Showing Agent, your feedback to that agent could lead to you getting more requests from that agent, at the now acceptable rate and increases your chances of being that agent’s “preferred agent“.

4. Clean up your profile

Is your photo in high-res? Professional? Of yourself? Also, ask for showing feedback from past agents that have booked you. These ratings can go a long way! Too often we see agent profiles where the image is blurry, images of animals or even not having an image at all! Poor images can lead to higher cancellation rates, when you accept a showing and are factors in the Showami algorithm.

5. Be active in your first 30 days

In your first 30 days with Showami you are given a ranking boost and simply ignoring showing requests in these first 30 days, shows us that you aren’t very serious about showing homes on our platform. Also, showing requests are typically picked up within 3 minutes of being sent. So don’t ignore the requests when they come in.


Although these tips are designed to help you receive more showing requests, it does not guarantee you’ll receive a large influx of requests. We at Showami cannot force the usage of our service and are subject to the demand of our service.

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