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Building Better Real Estate Agents

The Future Of Showing Agents

Let’s start by saying that showing agents are totally underutilized! Seriously, do we really only need them to go show homes? Here at Showami, many …
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What is a showing? Showings are a part of the home buying process, where the representing agent or a member of their team, takes the potential …
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Stop Referring Clients

Think about it… why give up 75% of a commission just because you’re not available to show a client the property? Wouldn’t it be better …
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Agent Reviews

Feedback is an important way to find out how we’re doing. Showami reviews were created as away to ensure a great experience for both buyer’s …
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Agent Profiles In Showami

One way to increase the number of showing opportunities you receive is to make sure that youragent profile is complete. The best way to do …
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Showami buyer access tips

I’ve noticed something in the market over the past few weeks and wanted to bring it to your attention to help your business and your …
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