The purpose of this feature is to increase the odds of showings being accepted by a Showing agent. In outlying areas that require considerable drive time with fewer agents in the area showings sometimes went unfulfilled. Showings with short notice or at inconvenient times were also difficult to get accepted. This feature allows communication between agents in an attempt to agree on a price and/or time that works for both.

Showing agents receive notifications from Showami with the date, time, location, number of showings and payment being offered. In the past they could only accept or ignore the showing request. They can now communicate back to the Buyer’s agent proposing a different time and/or payment they are willing to do the showing for.

The Buyer’s agent doesn’t have to accept the counter-proposal but now they will have options to choose from rather than not getting help when they need it.

Watch this short video demonstration to learn more:

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