Sell Properties With Showami This Holiday Season

Showami is the Smart Way to Sell Properties This Holiday Season

After a busy year selling homes, you’re probably ready to put your feet up for the holidays. But what happens if a client wants to urgently see a property? Will you disturb your well-earned break and pause your holiday plans to go show them properties? Or will you pass along the client to another agent and lose the commission?

With Showami, there’s a third option. Fully licensed showing agents are available in your area to show properties on your behalf while you’re relaxing at home. And you don’t give up a cent of your commission!

Scheduling a showing is quick and easy. Download the app now to get started.

Are You a Showing Agent With Spare Time During the Holidays?

Do you like to keep busy during the holiday period? Would you like to make a little extra cash to start the new year with? If so, Showami can help you earn money showing properties on a schedule that suits you. Getting started is easy and there’s no joining fee.

On behalf of the entire Showami team, we wish you a wonderful holiday season.

Matt Kuchar

CEO, Showami

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