Showami Mastermind How To Succeed as a Real Estate Agent

Ask any agent and they will tell you that real estate can be a real rollercoaster ride. Hectic schedules, a fast-paced environment, and an ever-evolving industry can leave your head spinning. And with so much competition in the market, starting out can be daunting and many new businesses flounder.

When I founded Showami, it was always my intention to offer more than simply connecting agents to other agents when they need help showing homes. That’s why I’m launching a mastermind video series to give agents the tools and knowledge they need for success in real estate.

How to Succeed as a Real Estate Agent

The reasons agents join Showami’s real estate showing service differ depending on where they are in their careers and/or business growth. Many show agents join because they’re just starting out after paying lots of fees to get into the industry and need to make money ASAP. Some new agents struggle to scale using traditional methods and don’t make it in the industry, and I want Showami to be part of the solution for more agents to succeed.

On the flip side, some agents like me who have been in the industry a long time are so overworked and overwhelmed that they’re desperate for solutions to manage a busy showing schedule. In this case, I want to help them understand how to use and leverage showami to improve their business and make the most of their precious time.

Our new series of mastermind videos is designed to be your go-to place where real estate agents can ask questions and get practical, actionable tips from industry leaders. Each session is designed specifically to help agents like you grow your business, increase your income, and keep your clients happy.

Tips for Real Estate Success

Our first mastermind session sees me, Matthew Kuchar, founder of Showami, being joined by two actively licensed real estate agents and industry experts. Jessica Peterson is an author, speaker, real estate coach, and advisor to leaders in the real estate industry. Dan Rochon is an author, real estate coach, and creator of the Consistent and Predictable Income Community podcast.

How Can I Keep My Workload and Income Consistent?

We first fielded questions from Casey in Knoxville. She wanted to know how to reduce the peaks and valleys in her real estate business. Like most agents, Casey can be extremely busy one month and then find herself super slow the next. When she’s busy she has no time to work on the business because she’s flat out working in the business.

Managing a business with unpredictable workflows and income is a common experience, especially among new agents. During our chat, Jessica and Dan shared great advice on how to generate leads and find new business while managing day-to-day operations.

What is the Future of Real Estate in the US?

Secondly, Chris from Arizona asked the panel about where the real estate industry is headed and how to prepare for future trends in the business. Chris is a successful agent wanting to automate as much as possible without losing connection with his clients. He’s currently using Showami to keep his time organized by engaging showing assistants to take back control of his schedule.

Jessica and Dan shared their insight into the future of real estate and gave guidance on how established agents like Chris can utilize automation without losing the personal touch that most clients need during the buying and selling process.

How Can Showami Generate Stable Income and Futureproof Your Real Estate Business?

For real estate showing agents, Showami helps you fill those gaps in your schedule by connecting you with agents that need help with showings. By building relationships with real estate buyer’s agents in your area, you can generate new, consistent streams of income that help build your business and stabilize your cash flow.

For buyer’s agents, we help you create systems that free up the time needed to work on your business growth. Showami takes the pressure off you and clients—remember that clients can feel our anxiety and prefer to work with agents who are calm and in control of their schedule. Showami also allows you to be as personal or remote as you want. You can sell a house without ever meeting the client or seeing the property while still giving the buyer a great buying experience. With this tactic, scalability is limitless.

In terms of future-proofing, Showami helps agents maintain a personal experience for clients while employing technology and automation to free up time. This becomes more and more important as the real estate industry modernizes and automation becomes the norm. This is how we, as agents, provide value for clients in an ever-increasing digital landscape. You don’t lose the personal touch when you use Showami because buyers still meet in person with the showing assistant you’ve hand-picked to schedule a showing with. Isn’t that the best of both worlds?

Find out what Jessica and Dan had to say on these topics by watching the full mastermind episode below. Got questions you’d like our masterminds to answer? Get in touch and we’ll answer them in a future episode.


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