How Showing Agents Can Track Their Payout Status

The majority of us working in real estate get into the industry because we love it. However, we’d be lying if we said that the financial element wasn’t also a major incentive!

As a showing assistant, knowing what money you’ve made and when you’ll receive payment is key to a successful business. It’s for this reason that we’ve made it easier than ever to track payments and monitor the status of each completed job. Our recently released payout status feature allows real estate showing agents to see exactly how much has been made on showings, and facilitates the tracking of payments at every stage of the process.

Here’s how showing agents can track their payout status in Showami.

How Showing Agents Can Track Their Payout Status

Tracking your payouts as a showing agent couldn’t be easier. 24 hours after a showing has been completed, we automatically send payment to your account. Usually, payment takes 4-5 days to arrive after the transfer has been initiated. To see where your payment is in the process, simply navigate to your user profile then to the newly added Payouts option.

This brings up a dashboard that contains the following information:

  • Amount – the fee made on the showing plus any tips
  • Payout account – where the money was sent
  • Status – whether the fee has been paid or is pending
  • Estimated arrival date – when the payment should arrive

This brand new feature is of great value to a showing agent in real estate because previously there was no place to track payment statuses. By using this dashboard, showing assistants can quickly see when payments will be received, which is extremely useful when monitoring income and cash flow.

Are You a Showing Agent Looking to Make Extra Money?

Sick of Googling showing agent jobs near me and coming up with nothing? Showami has been developed to help showing assistants like you make more money.

Our showing assistant app works by connecting you with buyer’s agents in your area that need help showing homes. Through our user-friendly app, you can show properties on a schedule that suits you. And, with our new ‘favorite’ option you can build relationships and become the go-to showing agent for the buyer’s agents you work best with.

If you’re not signed up to Showami yet it’s quick, easy, and completely free to do so via our app. Simply fill out your profile, select your preferred showing area and payout method, and you’re ready to start accepting showings.

Once you’ve completed sign-up, Showami will text you whenever a showing becomes available in your chosen area. It’s totally up to you whether you accept showings or ignore the ones that don’t suit your schedule. Showami is totally flexible and you can book as many or few showings as you’d like.

Once a showing is complete, the payment is automatically deposited in your account and you can track your payout status as outlined above. Our real estate showing service is that simple!

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Are you a showing assistant already signed up with Showami? Are there any features that you’d like us to add to the platform?

We’re always looking to enhance our platform to deliver the best possible user experience, so get in touch or leave a note in our contact section with suggestions.

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