Showami’s App Got A Facelift

Over the last few months, Showami users using the desktop version noticed a new dashboard appear. That same great dashboard they found on their desktop, is now in our Showami app. We wanted to make the process for requesting and picking up showings on our app, easier than ever, while also giving our app users access to even more features from their dashboard.

All-In-One Dashboard

You’ll notice immediately that the Showing Agent interface and the Buyers Agent interface have been combined into one dashboard. This allows agents who have elected to request showings and assist with showings to easily access all of their appointments immediately.

Showing Agents

Right at the top under “Quick Links” you’ll have access to the showings you currently have booked. Once you’re all set with that section, you’ll be able to scroll down to the section labeled “Showing Opportunities”. Here you’ll find any showings that are waiting to be picked up in your area.

Requesting Agents

Your appointments are even easier to access than before. You’ll find that the very first “Quick Links” is your current showing requests. Also, not far down in a big orange button is the “New Showing Request” button. Here you’ll find your typical showing setup screen.

What’s the reason for the layout change?

Recently, Showami launched Platinum which is an upgraded version of the standard Showami account. With that launch, came a number of new features only available on desktops. Now, the developers at Showami and looking to bring those elements to the Showami app. This new layout and dashboard will soon be equipped with even more features, content on update releases, and much more.

Showami wants to develop and become a tool-kit for agents, to help improve an agent’s efficiency, knowledge, and overall quality of work.We want to be your Go-To source for everything relating to home showings. Part of doing so was the launch of the dashboard interface.

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