Best practices for leveraging a showing service

Home-showing services have seen a rise in popularity over the past couple of years, and as a real estate agent, you’ll probably understand why. Whereas real estate agents could previously only rely on social media to find assistance with showings, home showing services are now taking on that task and doing it faster and cheaper.

In theory, it sounds great, right? But some agents considering signing up for a home showing app for the first time wonder when it’s actually going to come in useful for them. That’s why in this post, we’re looking at best practices for leveraging a showing service.

What is a Home Showing Service?

A home showing service is a platform that provides easy access to help with showings via a trustworthy bank of licensed showing agents in your area. Using a home showing service allows you to manage your time more effectively while also ensuring that your clients get to see the properties they want when they want. 

Many buyer’s agents choose to use a home showing service to help grow their business. Simply put: if you can show more homes you’re likely to attract more clients and make more money. However, there’s a little more to the wide range of benefits than just the $$$ on your bottom line.

Why Use a Service for Home Showings?

Using a home showing service has multiple benefits. One of the key perks is that it allows you to put your clients’ needs first without sacrificing your own. Maintaining a great relationship with clients is made easier because it gives you a better chance of getting them into properties first. You’ll also have agents on hand during evenings and weekends, giving you coverage for the hours you prefer not to work.

This sounds great, right? But you might be wondering, in which scenarios would it be useful to have a showing agent show a property on your behalf? The following times are just some of the reasons that buyer’s agents choose to work with a home showing service.

When You’re Sick

As much as we real estate agents don’t like to admit it, we aren’t invincible, and every now and again we get sick. Likewise, if your family is affected by long-term sickness that keeps you from your business for a while, you’ll need some support to see you through that period. 

If you’ve ever been in this position, you’ll know that trawling social media groups for urgent help with a showing is the last thing you need. It’s difficult to know whether an unverified agent is reliable and trustworthy enough to send to a showing with an important client (and all clients are important, of course). Even the widest network of agents will sometimes draw a blank in response to a call out for assistance. 

Services for home showings resolve that issue by having a qualified bank of showing agents on hand to help you out. Reviews will give you the confidence to hand your client over to an agent and know that your business is in safe hands while you focus on getting better. 

When the Showing is Two Hours Away

Spending all day driving from one showing to the next isn’t the best use of your time. Every hour spent in your car is an hour that could have been spent drumming up new business or attending showings that are closer to home. This is all the more relevant if you’re licensed in two or more states because it’s pretty much impossible to cover that kind of ground on your own.

The answer to this problem is to have access to a bank of professional showing agents that are based throughout the sate/s in which you operate. And you guessed it! A showing service offers exactly that. By signing up for a home showing solution with good coverage in your area, you’ll have no trouble finding someone closer to the property who’ll attend the showing for you. 

And, even if there are no showing agents close to the property your client wants to see, you’ll have the option to adjust the fee to cover travel time (and it’ll still make more business sense than doing the driving yourself).

When You’re on Vacation

If you’re an independent real estate agent or are heading up a brokerage, you’ll know how hard it is to find the time for a vacation. There’s always some business that needs to be taken care of, and before you know it another year has passed with no downtime. 

By having flexible support on hand, it becomes much easier to take a week or two off at a time. This is an ideal option if you don’t need full-time help because you don’t need to commit to paying another agent a salary. Simply list your showings with a showing service and an agent will handle them while you’re sipping piña coladas on a sunny beach somewhere.

real estate agents taking a vacation, while using a home showing service

When Your Kids Have a Day Off at School

Whether it’s a planned or impromptu day off, childcare can be a challenge for working parents. Family always comes first, so you need a backup plan for your business. And what’s a better backup than a reliable bank of licensed showing assistants on hand to show properties for you when you aren’t available? 

Signing up for a home showing service helps you keep that all-important work/life balance and be around for your kids when they need you. Agents that sign up for Showami find that it’s the best way to be available for their family without sacrificing the success of their business.

When You Don’t Want to Miss an Event

The real estate industry waits for no one, and we have to be ready at any moment to help our clients secure the property of their dreams. So what happens if you get a request for a showing on the morning of an important event like a birthday or a wedding? Do you let down the client and lose out on a potential commission, or do you miss the event and disappoint your loved ones? It’s a lose-lose situation and one that most of us will experience in our careers.

A showing service eradicates that issue by ensuring you have support on hand for those can’t-miss events in life. Listings on Showami’s showing service are typically picked up in less than three minutes, allowing you to keep your client and commission without missing your event.

When Your Car Isn’t Working

Sometimes, life throws us curveballs that we’re forced to overcome. A broken-down car has happened to many of us at one point or another, and it can be stressful trying to get back on the road in time to make your next showing. You might also find yourself with a problem at home such as a burst water pipe that pulls your attention away from an important client.

By having a showing service on hand as an emergency backup, you know that you’ll never have to let down your client. Simply list your showing and wait for a qualified agent in your area to pick up the job while you deal with whatever life has thrown at you.

Real estate agent with a broken down car, in need of a showing service

Best Practices for Leveraging a Showing Service

So there you have it: our best practices for leveraging a showing service. Our number one tip has to be to sign up for a home showing service before you desperately need it. Even if you don’t find yourself using it for a couple of months, you’ll know it’s there ready and waiting to save the day when other parts of your life demand your attention.

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