Showing Homes During Coronavirus

We had to search through over 400 images to find one where a real estate agent wasn’t right next to the client. Our belief is that some day we will feel comfortable being close to our clients again. Due to COVID-19 today that is not the case. Some question whether we should be showing homes at all during this period. That is up to you and your local association and government to decide.

As the national leader in buyer showing services we offer these suggestions regarding home showings going forward. You may have additional ideas you’d like to share with us and we welcome that input.

  • Agent and Clients wear masks while inside homes
  • Avoid overlapping showings with other agents
  • Don’t shake hands
  • Practice social distancing
  • Take alcohol wipes with you for door knobs and surfaces
  • Use hand sanitizer or disposable gloves before and after showings
  • Ask clients questions before meeting them regarding their health and recent contact with others who may have the coronavirus
  • Contact the listing agent to inquire if anyone in the property you want to show has been sick or has been in contact with others who may have the coronavirus
  • Limit access to fewer people. i.e. Have families leave the children at home while the parents do viewings alone
    It may seem like the current conditions will last forever but they won’t. Buyers are still looking at homes online and there will be a lot of pent up demand that breaks loose eventually. Our job is to be prepared, aware and safe.

If you’re an agent in an at-risk population, know that we have agents on standby to cover your showings for you.


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