A home showing is in progress for a couple, conducted by a real estate agent

What is a showing?

Showings are a part of the home buying process, where the representing agent or a member of their team, takes the potential client through seeing the home. During this process, it is usually just the agent and the client walking through discussing various features of the home, the home’s value and thoughts on the neighborhood. 

Why do agents show homes

Why are there home showings?

Home showings began as an opportunity for potential home buyers to walk around the home and get a feel for the house itself. It’s an opportunity for the potential home buyer to examine the details of the home, that may not have been present in photos or videos of the home. This experience also grants the potential home buyer an opportunity to get a feel for the space and size of the home. 

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How many homes does a buyer typically see prior to purchasing?

“The average home buyers will visit 10 homes over 10 weeks’ time before they find ‘the one’.” (Sager, 2022) This however is just the average and every home buyer goes through their own journey to home buying. 

The showing process in a simple diagram with actual and representative photos and images

What is a showing process?

This can look a little different for each situation however the majority of showing processes go viewing the home online, then scheduling with an agent to see the home, site visit, and then an offer or post-showing feedback.

First, an agent will either share a listing with the potential buyer, or the potential buyer will share a listing they like with their agent and mark the property as a potential place to buy.

Next, the agent will coordinate a time with the listing agent to schedule a time for the potential buyers to see the home. Once a time has been coordinated with the representing buyer’s agent, the potential buyers, and the listing agent, a showing will be scheduled for the potential buyers to see the home. Once the potential buyers arrive, the agent will then show the potential buyers around the house and ask various questions to gauge their interest.

Finally, after the home is shown, the agent will then gather feedback from the potential buyers and either make plans to place an offer on the home or simply continue looking at other homes.

A family being shown a home, with a clock symbol in the background

How long does a showing typically take?

The typical home showing takes between 10 – 15 minutes. This typically depends on the size of the house and how in-depth the potential buyers look at the home. There are some outliers where the home showing process takes upward of 30 – 45 minutes. However, this would be for extremely large properties and would include a tour of the land surrounding the large home. 

What is a group showing?

These are showing typically presented to a group of individual investors that utilize a single buyers agent. In an effort to maximize the efficiency and use of the real estate agent, a group of individual investors will agree on a time and date to all see a tour of properties they are interested in. 

Home Showing Vs Open House

What is the difference between a showing and an open house?

A showing is typically a private viewing of a home for sale, between an agent and a potential home buyer. An open house allows any potential home buyer to walk through the home with an agent or without an agent. Another difference between the two, is that an open house will typically have an agent that hosts the open hour. The agent hosting the open house, is there to prepare the home for viewing and to help answer questions that viewers may have.

Crystal ball look at a home showing

What does the future of home showing look like?

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What is a showing? Showings are a part of the home buying process, where the representing agent or a member of their team, takes the potential …
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