The Future Of Showing Agents

Let’s start by saying that showing agents are totally underutilized! Seriously, do we really only need them to go show homes? Here at Showami, many agents have been having our showing agents do things like Virtual Walk-Throughs, Final Walk Through Photos, Open Houses, Placing Lock Boxes on Houses, Simple Photography, opening the doors for inspections, appraisals, rentals and so much more!

What began as a casual request to show a home between two agents in the office has morphed into a totally new way for agents to get things done.  The big advantage over the old way of office emails and Facebook group posts is the ability to notify agents in the area of the showing in a fast and reliable way that has specific terms and payments clearly spelled out before anyone starts to do any work. Gone are the days of having to share a commission with an agent who spent half an hour showing one home.  It was never a fair system anyways.

What does the future hold? Really 3 solid options.

1. An Elevated In-Person Experience

Ideally, the Showing agent would have the capabilities of summoning an automated automobile, to pick up the potential buyer from their current place of being. Drive them to the home, where they will be greeted by the showing agent.

As they walk through the home, they are able to augment reality and experience what a few upgrades could do to the home’s aesthetic. As a showing agent, their responsibilities would be to appropriately set the augmentation to setting and designs that would be suitable for the potential client’s taste.

2. Touring A Home Within An Office

Brokerages would go back to the brick-and-mortar model, with a room designed for augmented reality. See prior to the clients even stepping foot in the door, a showing agent has gone to the property with a 360 camera and has taken photos of the entire house.

These photos are then stitched together to make an augmented reality environment. The augmented reality environment would easily be seen through a pair of glasses provided by the brokerage to the client. Where they can see multiple homes, just from the brokerage office.

Book A Showing

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3. At Home Showings

I-buyers are starting to trend and the idea that the full home buying experience could be completed online isn’t too far-fetch. It’s possible that frequent home buyers could request a live video walk-through, where a showing agent can be holding a camera and showing the potential buyer a home.

But it doesn’t stop there, it’s possible that 360 camera photos could be completed in every home, and augmented reality goggles could become a household item. Leading to the potential client, walking through the home virtually while never leaving their house.

No matter how you see it, the job of a showing agent is changing and will continue to change. Brokerage owners today should identify what the future has in store and adjust their strategies and job descriptions accordingly.


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