Some call it Uber® for real estate agents

Many call Showami, the Uber® for real esate agents because of the simple mechanics involved in using both platforms. See Showami helps connect agents with other agents, to help show homes when their unavailable. Whereas, with Uber® they will connect someone needing a ride with a local driver that is able to assist them.

In both cases the underlining concept is “Order a service (through an app), when you need assistance”.

For real estate agents, they don’t always have someone that can help them with showings, either because their team is too small or no one on their team is able to assist. Which is why they order home showings through the Showami app, when their colleges arene’t available. Similar to ordering an Uber® ride when your friends or family are unavailable to drive you.

How Showami Works

Showami connects you to other licensed real estate professionals who sign up to show properties near them.

  • The showing assistants get paid to show the property
  • You manage your time more effectively
  • Your clients get to see the properties they want, when they want

You pay a fee per property showing, and the showing assistant doesn’t take any commission. This means that you keep your clients, and you keep them happy.

It’s a win-win-win.

Stop spinning your wheels—take the next step toward the real estate business of your dreams. Sign up for free today at!

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