How to Favorite and Block Agents With Showami

As a buyer’s agent or real estate showing agent, one of the biggest challenges is finding other professionals to partner with on showings. As a buyer’s agent, it can be difficult to find a trusted agent to do a showing when your schedule is full but you don’t want to let a client down. As a showing agent, it’s often time-consuming to seek out and build relationships with buyer’s agents in your area.

Showami solves this problem by connecting buyer’s agents with showing assistants to show homes. And now, we’ve made the process even easier by making it possible to favorite and block agents. Agents have the ability to give priority to agents they like working with and block notifications to and from agents they don’t.

In today’s post, we’re looking at how to favorite and block agents with Showami.

What Are the Benefits for Real Estate Buyer’s Agents?

As a buyer’s agent, it’s important to have showing agents on hand that you trust. Your business and reputation are at stake when showing a home, so it can be nerve-wracking to send a valued client to meet a showing agent that you’ve never worked with before. That’s why we’ve made it possible to favorite the showing agents that you love working with.

Sometimes, buyer’s agents and showing agents aren’t a professional match. This can happen for many reasons and can mean that you might not want to work with a particular agent again. If that’s the case, you can simply block them from seeing your future showing posts. Even if the showing agent is deemed to be a match, Showami will prevent them from seeing the showing opportunity. The show agent won’t know that you’ve blocked them; the showing simply won’t exist for them.

What Are the Benefits for Real Estate Showing Agents?

Finding a buyer’s agent that you work well with has many benefits for showing assistants, which is why we’ve also made favoriting and blocking available to showing agents.

If you don’t work well with a buyers’ agent you can easily ensure that you won’t be notified of any showings posted by users that you would prefer not to work with again. This helps you keep your inbox clear so you can spot the showings you do want to take on.

Buyer’s agents won’t know that you’ve blocked them, so if you change your mind at a later date you can simply adjust your settings accordingly.

How to Favorite and Block Agents with Showami

Showami facilitates tiered notifications for showings. This means that when you list a new showing it will first go out to preferred agents. Then, if someone from that group doesn’t pick it up, it will be sent to your list of favorited agents. Don’t worry if none of them are available to take the showing though, we’ll send the showing opportunity to the rest of the agents in your area so you can discover new favorites to work with on future showings.

As an agent, you can easily adjust your account settings to automatically send showing requests from agents that you like while blocking agents that you’d prefer not to work with again. You can also leave an agent as they are, or un-favorite or un-block at any time.

You can favorite or block an agent in two different ways:

  • Through any prior showing that you have completed
  • Through the agent review page

How to Favorite an Agent

Simply click the heart icon and that’s it: the agent is favorited. You can do this for any agent that you’ve had a good experience with. Favoriting is different from setting showing agents as preferred. When you set a show agent as preferred, they receive a ten-minute head start on showing opportunities and you can also directly request them for showings or sets of showings.

When you favorite an agent, they get a two-minute head start on showing opportunities before we send it out to the general population. There’s no limit on how many agents you can favorite, and all of them will receive a notification at the exact same time.

How to Block an Agent

Next to the heart icon, you’ll see a ‘no entry’ icon. Tap that and the agent will be blocked from receiving showing opportunities from you. Blocking an agent on your dashboard doesn’t block them from Showami, but we do use this feature for quality control and will take action if we see that an agent has received multiple blocks.

Got Questions? Get in touch!

Showami is a US-based real estate showing service platform that connects licensed real estate professionals with showing assistants in your area. Showami has been developed by realty experts to provide a better way of showing properties.

Got questions about our favoriting and blocking feature? We’re always looking to enhance our platform to deliver the best possible user experience, so get in touch or leave a note in our contact section with suggestions.

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