3 Proven Ways To Get More Sign Ups On Showami

Showami rewards agents who refer other real estate agents to Showami by running occasional contests. In addition to these contests, agents are always able to make $10 for referring agents, after the agent they referred has used Showami. Now we’re sharing the proven ways we’ve seen agents share Showami with their network.

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1. Facebook Groups

Many agents have joined at least 1 real estate Facebook group. Whether you are part of a local real estate group, a mastermind group, or even one run by a coach. We’ve found that agents who share Showami in these groups have a significantly higher sign up rate, than those that don’t take advantage of these groups. Here is what works!

Tell Your Story

Be real with the agents you are sharing Showami with. People are more likely to listen to you and sign up for Showami if you’re able to share a story of how Showami helped you. These stories can include but are not limited to needing help for a showing while on vacation, needing help when you weren’t feeling well or that home showings were dragging your business down.

By focusing on the story rather than a sales pitch, you’ll find that more agents will use your link to sign up. You’ll also find that many agents will like and comment on your post, driving engagement. We’ve seen agents get more than 100 sign-ups in a matter of 48 hours from doing this.

Niche Groups Work Best

We’ve found that real estate Facebook groups that are niche to “Moms in real estate”, “{City} Real Estate Group”, and other niche groups tend to respond better to posts about Showami. Many times, agents in those groups are going through the same challenges you are and empathize with your struggles. They also respond better to voices they are used to seeing post in social groups vs. a post from a stranger in a large group.

Use Videos

Not many agents take advantage of posting videos in Facebook groups, however, videos are way more engaging and allow the audience to connect with you on a different level. By posting a video that is no longer than 1 minute, you’ll see a higher engagement rate and more sign-ups!

2. Share With Your Brokerage

If you have a larger brokerage, then leverage those in your brokerage! Many larger brokerages use Microsoft Teams, Slack or other IMing software to communicate with one another. It’s simple to send out mass messages on these channels and share your experience with the agents you work with the most. Also, if you have a closed Facebook group, clubhouse, or another social communication platform, you can also share Showami with that network.

3. Leverage Linkedin

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, your LinkedIn is a bit more network-focused. Meaning, that you are more likely to have agents and brokers that you’ve partnered with on your LinkedIn vs. Facebook and Instagram. Making it the prime place to share your Showami experience and tell a Showami story.


We’re always looking for new tools that will make our lives easier and for new tools that can help us optimize our time. A great place to find that sort of information is Linkedin and by posting an educational piece on Showami to your Linkedin account, you’ll be sure to see sing-ups roll in!

Post In Groups

Much like Facebook, LinkedIn has a number of Real Estate Agent groups that you’re currently a part of or can join. These groups are dedicated to helping one another and are a great place to share Showami in. With LinkedIn groups, we’ve found that people are more trusting of what is being posted, rather than Facebook. (due to the lack of spam posts)

Use Video

Create a demo video for Showami or create a testimonial video for Showami. LinkedIn is a great place for education and information. Additionally, when someone reacts or comments on a post on Linkedin, that post is dispersed to that person’s network allowing you to expand your reach past your connections.

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