Best practices for home showings

For real estate agents, home showings are a key part of the process. But it’s not as simple as just walking an interested buyer through a property; how real estate agents show homes makes a big difference to their overall success. 

Of course, there’s no way to guarantee that a showing will be successful. However, there are plenty of things that a buyer’s agent or showing agent can do to sweeten the odds. In today’s post, we’re sharing our best practices for home showings that we know put viewers in a buying frame of mind.

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There are several surefire ways for ensuring that a showing goes as well as possible. These are our top tips for how to show a house

Plan Your Tour

Make a plan before showings commence. Decide which room will make the strongest impression and plan your tour starting there. Create a list of the property’s best features (think original wood floors or windows that let in lots of light), and share interesting facts about them as you pass. Do the same with impressive home improvements, and also point out any opportunities for further improvements or extensions.

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Be Flexible with Showing Times

Life is busy! Not everyone works a 9-5 job, and family dynamics can look lots of different ways. Do your best to accommodate hectic schedules by offering showings that work for buyers and sellers. This might mean evenings and weekends in some cases, but do be mindful of not impacting your own personal/family time too much. If you’re struggling to manage a hectic showing schedule, a service for on-demand showings like Showami could be the solution. 

Put Your Buyer’s Needs First

As a real estate agent, you’ll know that being personable and friendly is key to your success. Ensure that you employ that trait during showings to make buyers feel at ease. Invite questions and make light conversation as you show the property, with the aim of building trust and confidence.

Equally, it’s important to give viewers space. Once the tour is complete, allow them time to walk through the property again and talk in private so they can have an honest conversation without worrying about offending you or the homeowner.

Be Knowledgable

Do your research and be prepared for questions by knowing as much as possible about the property and area. As well as being able to talk about the home and its features, you should know about local facilities, transport links, and the housing market. Offering up this information as you tour a property can encourage a more open dialog and prompt a viewer to feel more comfortable asking follow-up questions.

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Be Professional

First impressions can heavily impact the success of a showing, so ensure you arrive looking the part. Dress smartly and appropriately for the location in which you work. This will typically mean a dress shirt and sports coat, a smart dress, and tasteful shoes and accessories. Also, consider other elements of your appearance. For example, the phone and laptop you use will impact how you’re perceived by viewers.

Aside from how you look, you should also conduct yourself with a professional demeanor. Be polite and display good manners throughout the showing. Be sure to smile and maintain a positive disposition when interacting with potential buyers.

Listen More than You Speak

Ask questions to better understand your buyers and actively listen when they answer. Show an interest in their lives and ask about their hobbies to get a better idea of what might be important to them in a home and neighborhood. You can also ask about their practical and emotional property-buying goals to better serve them as an agent. 

Remember, the goal is to be professional yet social to create a positive working relationship. The more a potential buyer connects with you and trusts you, the better the chances of leaving a good lasting impression that could convert to a sale.

Arrive Early

Another element of being professional is arriving early for showings. It’s important to be there before the viewer arrives so as not to keep them waiting. Arriving early gives you time to unlock the doors, turn on the lights and ensure that everything inside the property is as it should be. It also means that you won’t turn up rushed and flusters and can make a professional first impression as mentioned above.

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Things to Avoid When Showing a Home

There are a few key things to avoid when showing a home that can ruin an experience for a viewer even if you follow all of the above steps:

Avoid a Hard Sell

No matter how eager you are to make a sale, do not go in hard with a sales pitch. This is not how real estate agents show homes if they have integrity. Plus, buyers aren’t stupid and will spot your desperation a mile off. Instead, let the viewer move at a pace that suits them and aim to be helpful and responsive before, during, and after a showing. By giving them space and not being pushy you’ll create a respectful working relationship that will be more likely to result in a sale.

Don’t Treat Every Viewer the Same 

Every potential buyer has unique needs and requirements, so sticking to a one-size-fits-all script is a terrible idea. Try to find out a little information about viewers before the showing so you can tailor it to them. For example, if they have children and are new to the area you can talk about local schools or how the street has other families with kids. 

Don’t Forget about Kids or Pets

If the homeowner has kids or pets, try not to schedule showings when they’ll be home. Showings when kids are at school or daycare are best, and if this isn’t possible be mindful of bedtime or any other chaotic times that could be distracting for viewers. 

Regarding pets, be mindful that some viewers might not be animal lovers or even have allergies. If there are dogs in the property, aim for them to be in the garden or in the care of someone else during showings.


So there you have it: our best practices for home showings. As you can see, showing homes should be much more than a quick tour. It’s about creating a comfortable atmosphere for the buyer and appealing to all of their senses. Not only does this create the best possible experience for the buyer (and the seller), but it also increases an agent’s chances of making a sale.

If you’re struggling to find time in your schedule for viewings or are licensed in more than one state, Showami can help. Showami is the biggest on-demand home showing platform in the US and has been designed to help real estate agents show more homes. It’s the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to show properties when you’re not available, without losing any commission. Find out more about Showami’s services here.

As a real estate agent, what are your tried and tested best practices for home showings? Let us know in the comments what your advice is on how to show a house.

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