5 Common Home Showing Mistakes to Avoid

Home showings are a crucial part of the real estate process. They can make or break a potential sale, so it’s important to be aware of common mistakes that can turn potential buyers off. Here are five home showing mistakes agents should avoid at all costs, to increase your chances of getting a sale.

Not Introducing Yourself Properly

When meeting with potential buyers, it’s essential for agents to introduce themselves properly by providing their full name and company information. By doing this, clients will know who they’re dealing with and feel more comfortable asking questions as they tour the property. In addition, introducing yourself with confidence can help build trust between you and your client while also giving you an opportunity to discuss any unique selling points about your listing.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask simple questions like “How has your day been going so far?”, “How was the drive here?”, and/ or “What are some of your plans this week?”. Getting a little personal can be seen as polite and can be perceived as genuine.

Key features of a good introduction include:

  • Eye Contact – Be sure to make eye contact with the person you are introducing yourself to.
  • Confident Posture – Make sure that your back is straight and your stance is firm.
  • Speak Clearly – It’s tempting to speak really fast, however, it’s very important to speak at an appropriate pace and loud enough for the potential buyer to hear.

Not Preparing for the Showing

Although this may seem like an obvious one, many agents forget to prepare for their showings. The very start of preparing for a home showing is making sure you have all the information to access the house, including the lock box code and location. Additionally arrive early to ensure all lights are on, checking for any odors or messes in the home, and ensure that all windows and doors are unlocked before the showing begins. Finally, agents should make sure furniture is adequately arranged so that each room looks inviting and spacious.

Showing Assistant handling a lockbox

Talking Too Much During the Showing

It’s tempting to talk extensively during a home showing to explain the home’s features or answer questions from potential buyers. While there is nothing wrong with engaging in conversation during a tour, it’s important not to overwhelm buyers by talking too much—or worse yet, talking them out of purchasing the property! Try to keep conversations short and sweet while allowing potential buyers plenty of space to ask questions or express their opinions freely.

Additionally, it is important to also be aware and make your potential buyers aware of any listening devices. If you’re excessively talking about the property in any way, while the listening devices are active. The listing agent can use that information as leverage in the negotiation phase of the deal and could have a negative effect on your potential buyers’ ability to get a better deal on the home.

Speaking Negatively About Other Listings

It can be easy for agents to fall into the trap of speaking negatively about other listings on the market when trying to sell their own properties—but this is never a good idea! Not only does this create bad blood between agents in your area but it also sends a negative message to potential buyers who may think you don’t have faith in your own listing if you feel the need to bash someone else’s property in order to make yours look better by comparison. Instead of speaking ill of competitors’ homes, focus on highlighting what sets yours apart from others on the market.

Not Following Up Afterward

Following up after showings is essential for staying connected with clients and keeping them interested in your listing after they have seen it in person. Agents should send thank-you emails soon after showings, as well as follow-up, calls within 48 hours offering additional information about the property or answering any unanswered questions from clients during their visit. Doing so will help build relationships with clients while also keeping them engaged throughout their journey toward purchasing a home from you!

Home showings are an integral part of being an agent, but they can quickly go south if certain mistakes aren’t avoided. To ensure successful outcomes every time you meet with potential buyers, remember these five common home showing mistakes and how to avoid them! By following these tips closely and putting extra effort into preparing for each showing, you can rest assured knowing that your clients will be impressed every time they come through one of your doorways!

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