How to Confirm and Cancel Showings in Showami

Why is there a confirmation after a showing has been accepted?

Showing agents accept the showing when they are willing to show a home at a specific date and time. The confirmation of the showing is the next step after accepting a showing. A showing agent confirms the showing after they have scheduled it through the MLS or ShowingTime and have received a confirmation back from the listing agent / ShowingTime that it is okay to show the home. The buyer’s agent will receive a confirmation text at that time and notify the buyer. The buyer’s agent will not be charged for the showing.

Which agent cancels a showing and when?

Showing Agent – Showings occasionally get canceled. If a Showing Agent receives notification from the listing agent or ShowingTime that they can no longer show a home, the showing agent needs to cancel the showing in Showami. The buyer’s agent will be notified of the cancellation.

Showing Agent – Emergencies happen and sometimes a Showing Agent is forced to cancel a showing. You have the option to cancel a showing within the Showami app, but please save this option for true emergencies. No-shows without any prior communication will result in you being blocked from providing further showings. The buyer’s agent will not be charged for the showing.

Buyer’s Agent – If the buyer cancels then it is the responsibility of the buyer’s agent to cancel the showing in Showami. To receive a refund, however, you must cancel the showing at least two hours prior to the showing’s start time. Any cancellations made within this two-hour window will be charged $20 and the showing assistant will receive partial payment.

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